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Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Royal Organics CBD, the premier online magazine dedicated to CBD and organic living. We welcome talented writers, researchers, and industry experts to join our team and share their knowledge and insights with our engaged audience.

Why Write for Royal Organics CBD?

  1. Reach a Targeted Audience: By writing for us, you have the opportunity to connect with a niche audience of CBD enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and those seeking reliable information on natural wellness. Your expertise will be valued by our readers who are actively seeking information and resources in these areas.
  2. Showcase Your Expertise: Share your unique perspective and knowledge with a wider audience. Our platform provides a space for you to establish yourself as an authority in the CBD and organic living industry. Contribute articles, interviews, or product reviews that highlight your expertise and passion.
  3. Be Part of a Trusted Publication: Royal Organics CBD is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and well-researched content. When you write for us, you become part of our trusted publication, contributing to our mission of empowering individuals to make informed choices for their well-being.

Guidelines for Submissions:

  1. Content Focus: Our magazine covers a range of topics related to CBD and organic living. We are particularly interested in articles that provide valuable insights, tips, research updates, and personal experiences. Topics may include CBD benefits, dosage and consumption methods, organic living practices, sustainable products, mindful lifestyle tips, and more.
  2. Originality: We value original content that has not been previously published elsewhere. Please ensure that your submission is unique to Royal Organics CBD.
  3. Quality and Clarity: Craft your articles with attention to detail, accuracy, and clarity. We encourage well-structured, engaging content that is accessible to readers of varying knowledge levels.
  4. Research and Citations: Back up your claims with credible sources and scientific evidence. Provide references and citations where necessary to support your statements.
  5. Word Count: Aim for articles between 800 and 1,500 words. This range allows for in-depth exploration while maintaining reader engagement.

How to Submit:

To submit your article or pitch an idea, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post Submission.” Include a brief introduction about yourself, relevant writing samples or a portfolio, and a summary or outline of your proposed article.

Our editorial team will review your submission and respond to you within a reasonable timeframe. We may provide feedback or suggest revisions to ensure your article aligns with our content guidelines and standards.

Join the Royal Organics CBD Community:

Writing for Royal Organics CBD is not just about sharing your expertise; it’s also about becoming part of our vibrant community. Engage with our readers, respond to comments on your articles, and connect with fellow writers through our social media channels. Together, let’s create an inclusive space for knowledge sharing and meaningful discussions.

We look forward to receiving your submission and collaborating with you to provide our readers with valuable and insightful content. Together, let’s inspire and empower individuals on their journey toward a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

The Royal Organics CBD Editorial Team